We hold regular Federation Days, where both schools will join together for the day.

Children from Merriott and Haselbury last met up for an International Themed Federation Day.

The children were mixed into groups from all ages and both schools. Each group then visited a different ‘continent’ throughout the day to take part in workshops that reflected an aspect of each continent including videos and photographs of people and cultures from around the world.

This included aboriginal art from Australasia/Oceania, samba music from South America, greeting each other in different languages from around Europe, tradition Indian dancing from Asia, outdoor activities based on Native North Americans which involved making ‘talking sticks’ as well as cultural activities from Africa where children were able to compare their way of life to our own using hands-on activities.

Children of all ages fed back that they had a fantastic time visiting each ‘continent’, making new friends and having fun renewing old friendships between schools.