Ofsted inspection date: 21st & 22nd March 2023


  • Pupils are proud to attend Merriott Primary School. They describe the school as a kind and welcoming place. Pupils talk confidently about how the school values help them to try their best and be accepting of others.
  • Pupils value the positive relationships they have with staff.
  • Pupils enjoy school and have positive attitudes to their learning. This starts in the early years. Children are eager to learn, take turns and play well together . The environment in classrooms and around the school is calm and purposeful.
  • Reading is a priority in the school. Staff and pupils share a love of reading. Pupils read a wide range of texts with increasing fluency and accuracy. They say that reading helps them to ‘imagine new places ’.
  • Leaders have put in place a well-structured mathematics curriculum which starts in the early years.  Pupils become confident and build their understanding well because of this.
  • Leaders are ambitious for what pupils with SEND, can achieve.
  • Leaders support pupils’ personal development well.
  • Pupils learn well in most of the wider curriculum subjects.