At Merriott Primary School we take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. A duty is placed on the school and governing body to protect and promote the welfare of children. We are strongly committed to promoting the safety and wellbeing of the children within our community by following the guidelines offered by Department for Education (DFE) and the Somerset Safeguarding Children Partnership. We are also committed to working in partnership with other agencies such as Children Social Care, the local Health Authority, Parent and Family Support and the Police to keep children in our care safe.

If there is any cause for concern over the wellbeing of a child within our school community, all staff, pupils, volunteers and parents should be aware of who to contact within the school staff.

The school’s designated person for Child Protection is Mrs Lois Bowery (Headteacher)

Our Safeguarding Governor is Mr Craig Pearce

Local Area Designated Officer Direct: telephone 0300 1232224

Mrs Lois Bowery

Mrs Lois Bowery

Mr Craig Pearce

Mr Craig Pearce

Parent Governor
Mrs Nicky Taylor

Mrs Nicky Taylor

Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Tanya Robinson

Mrs Tanya Robinson

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

We also ensure all staff have undertaken basic safeguarding awareness training which includes being trained to spot the signs and symptoms of abuse or neglect in children. Teaching staff are also aware of the PREVENT duty to reduce the risk of extremist behaviour and radicalisation. ​If a child discloses any concerning information to an adult working in our school, the adult is asked not to question the child or comment on the disclosure. A designated child protection person is informed as soon as possible and a factual record of the disclosure is made. All concerns which are brought to our attention are recorded confidentially as recommended by the Somerset Safeguarding Children’s Partnership . Disclosures made which compromise the safety of an individual cannot be kept a secret. The Somerset Safeguarding Children Partnership can be contacted directly on 0300 123 2224.

As a school we work with our families offering help and support. We offer Early Help and Early Help Assessment. We also offer support from our Parent and Family Support Advisors.

For more information:
Visit the Somerset Safeguarding Children Partnership website

Other helpful contacts:
Children’s Social Care: 0300 123 2224
Local Authority Designated Officer: Anthony Goble 0300 123 2224
Childline: 0800 1111
NSPCC: 0808 800 5000

Our Child Protection Policy is available here or from the school office on request.