We aim to be an exceptional school that provides the highest possible standard of education for all our children.


We believe that every child should be encouraged to reach their full potential academically and socially.  We recognise the importance of working in close partnership with parents and the community to ensure that our children are both happy and successful.

‘Learning and Growing Together’​

We believe that ‘Learning and Growing Together’ captures what we are all striving for at Merriott Primary School. It is a focus for the following aims and demonstrates our commitment to equality of access to a broad, balanced curriculum for all.


  • To inspire each child with an exciting and enriching curriculum which enables them to reach their full potential.
  • To instil in each child a love of learning and prepare them for the world beyond the classroom.​


  • To meet the individual needs of each child, enabling them to develop their own interests and talents.
  • To nurture pupil well-being while promoting a positive sense of moral responsibility thus empowering them to become confident, happy and healthy citizens.


  • To create a strong sense of community, trust and friendship whilst encouraging respect and responsibility for everyone and the environment.
  • To encourage the children to embrace and celebrate each other’s individuality!